I’m Hazzan.

A professional sound engineer and music producer

I’m have over 8 years experience working with over 1300 completed orders for individuals and companies in countries all over the world.

Services: Rock, EDM, Pop, Rap, Dubstep, Cinematic, Emotional, Trailer Music, Jingles, Fitness Music, Lyric Writing, Vocal Recording, Mixing, Mastering.

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My Skills

Vocal Recording
Lyrics Writing
Music production
Quick Remake


Music Producer and Sound Engineer

Lagos, Nigeria

Composer | Singer | Songwriter | Producer and brand jingle maker

I’m Hazzan, a professional sound engineer and music producer. I’m have over 8 years experience working with over 1300 completed orders for buyers and companies in countries all over the world.

Services: Music compositions in genres including

Rock, EDM, Pop, Rap, Dubstep, RnB…

Styles: Cinematic, Emotional, Trailer, Jingles, Fitness…

Services : Music composition, Lyric Writing, Vocal Recording, Mixing, Mastering.

  • Knowledge of Cubase
  • Knowledge of Logic PRO
  • Knowledge of FL studio
  • Ability to compose music from scratch
  • Ability to remake and sample original music
  • Professional Mixing and Mastering
  • Great job in a reputable company
  • Interesting projects for leading brands
  • Opportunity for professional development

Music Production Director

Launched network in US and partnered with EME Music Publishing to coordinate music events.

  • Created the current fix weekly music show, re-defining company as a cutting-edge music
  • Ensured creative component for 50 million viewers by targeting rising artists’ audience through on- air and online outlets including editorial build-up, contests and media content development
  • Music production team provided music needs for both on air and online departments
  • Streamlined the production flow of online viewer-created content by sharing music library with external producers; facilitated proper clearances.

Music Production Manager & Co-ordinator

Responsible for setting up the Production & studio and for ordering equipment and supplies;

  • Responsible for ensuring the production crew followed the requirements of the production company or studio
  • Developed production process improvements by implementing a new system in execution of project production for muti-platinum (14million+) record selling music production company
  • Manage/coordinate all aspects of music production
  • Instrumental in improving client satisfaction ratings through CSS (customer service survey).
  • Managed 20 employees. producers, writers, musicians.

Freelance – Mixing, Jingles & Music Production

  • Original music project for US music and movie companies
  • Original music composer for popular youtube channels
  • Company and business branding with catchy jingles
  • Edit podcast audios using pro tools on FL studio and Cubase
  • Gather instrumentals from electronic music composers and OVERSEE the creation process
  • Mix resulting tracks using Cubase 6, fl studio 11 and pro tool 10

Music Production Instructor & Owner

Workshops and tutoring in beat and music production for community program

  • Manage a music website to spotlight new and upcoming producers
  • Provide Saturday workshops in Disc Jockey techniques
  • 24 track Pro tools recording and editing, beat and music production with FL Studios and MIDI

Sound Engineer/Music Production

Record, Mix & Master clients projects.

  • Mixing instruments and talents
  • Clean the recording studio
  • Vocal coach, music producer for clients project
    (song & post-production)

Jingle Portfolio

Music Remake Portfolio

Original Music Composition

Official Youtube Channel Videos

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